About Me

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Hi. My name is Jan Christoph Uhde, and I love programming especially C++. Currently, I work at ArangoDB. Before taking this job I worked for ModuleWorks GmbH a leading CAM company. My specialty is C++ library and application development, with special emphasis on modern C++ techniques. I have a degree in computer science (Diplom – RWTH Aachen), several years experience in programming and a good understanding of Linux and related tools.

About the blog

My first intention for this website was to create something like a C++ blog. Due to the fact that other things have a higher priority for me the blog degraded into a collection of snippets related to programming and server maintenance. The articles are useful for me to remember special stunts, that had to be made, or explain things to friends. Most of the time the posts are written in a rush. That is why I try to comeback and review what I wrote from time to time, but that does not always happen. Therefore expect the quality to vary. Anyway I hope you find something useful here.